Congratulations to loran scholarship in 2019

Loran Scholars Foundation

Once again, thirty incredible students have received tremendous opportunities and investment in their future.  The Loran Scholars Foundation offers “the largest and most comprehensive four-year award” for Canadian students at a cost of $100,000. The selection process is rigorous and the winners are chosen on the basis of their “symbol, service and leadership promise”.  For more information, see

We here in the SLN would like to congratulate these winners! Respecting respect:

From Sir John Franklin High School to Yelloway, NDP. She’s training to become a leader in a wildlife camp that helps young people get new experience. In addition, she is a leader among new students and immigrants

From high school in the UK to Vancouver, BC. It helps disadvantaged young people with their financial literacy when they are not helping the school to re-run or volunteer in a nursing home

Matthew McNair High School in Richmond, B.C. He works in many ways to improve his school, from the vice-president of the student council to work as a stage manager. He runs MacDonald over the weekend

From Lester B. Pearson College of Pacific in Victoria, BC She works against racism and bullying in school, volunteers in programs to empower women and is responsible for raising funds to support women in the city

From the Sutherland High School in the Northern Vancouver, BC. She volunteers in the city library and helps her to take more care of animal rights at school. She was also president of the student council at her 11th degree

From the Seaquam Secondary School in Delta, BC. As a member of the youth council of the electoral district, she is working to change the policy. It also organizes public campaigns and seminars in local primary schools

Matthew McNair High School in Richmond, B.C. He is the president of the student council, often a volunteer at the centre of the South Art Community community and a pupil

From M. E Lazerte Composite High School in Edmonton, AB. She set up kids, started an environmental group at school, the interns at the university lab, and a lot more

Wainwright high school in Edmonton, AV. He’s a part of many leadership roles in his school. He has also established a programme based on openness and a sense of community in his school

From Ivan Paul II of the Collegiate in North Battlford, SK. She founded her own non-profit organization, teaches skating, and often works as a leader in her school community

From Junior College in Regina, SK. As the leader of the equal partners support group and the previous captain of the football team at his school, he clearly knows how to behave. He is also the Minister for Management in the Saskatchewan Youth Affairs Committee

From the Neepawa Area Collegiate in Neeepwa, MB. She is co-chairman of the student council and participates in many other clubs. In addition, she heads a group of social justice, mentors and coaches in volleyball

From St Mary’s Academy in Winnipeg, MB. She is responsible for the Human Rights Team and LGBTQ + Safe Place in her school. She also works in a rehabilitation centre for children when she does not play a rugby team

From Churchill High School in Winnipeg, MB. He founded a post-school program to help young people gain access to academicians and athletics. He was also chosen to be able to shadow Elizabeth May

From the Grandview School in Grandview, MB. He’s the president of his student council, working as a treasurer of the club, and still finds time to visit his family home to help them with his farm

In the Secondary School Secondary School in Owen Sound. As the organizer of the first pride parade of his city and the chairman of the Public Council of the Student Association of Ontario, he obviously has the right things to do great things

From Barrie North Collegiate Institute in Barrie, ON. He is a volunteer with local veterans, has a black belt in taekwondo, trains alpine skiing and officiates football and rugby when he is not engaged in what is the commander of Barrie Air Cadet Squad Commander

From the Holy Trinity School in Richmond Hill, WCL. It is interned in SickKids, helps to collect books for schools in Nigeria and makes a lot of schools in different ways

From the Collegate Lawrence Park Collegiate Institute in Toronto. She was a member of the “Expanded Communities” strategy in Ontario’s legal aid and volunteering at the Midtown Youth Council. She has also been very active in her student council since the 11th grade

The High School in New Tecumse, WCL. She’s a volunteer, president of a student council, an organizer for the Black History Club and a lot more

From Turner Fenton High School in Brampton, ON. She herself has published her poetic essay on mental health, and is working to fully strengthen the moral medical resources in her school. In addition, she heads the PDSB management conference

From Brantford Collegiate Institute and Professional School in Brantford, ON. She is the president of the head of “DECA” in school, and she is a large part of why it exists in the first place. She is also an executive member of the student council of her school

At the Mark Garneau Collegiate Institute in Toronto. She is an all-star from teaching math and music in war zones to help the family of refugees immigrate to Canada

From the West Carlton High School in Danmala, ON. She taught Spanish children, helped tornadoes and helped organize events for her community. She is also a competitive dancer

At the Kitchener Institute in Kitchener, Kitchen. It helps students move to secondary school and has organized the first mental health assembly at her school, as well as a fund-raising campaign to deal with the effects of the hurricane. She also collaborates with summer summer, helping children and young people

From Cégep de Sain-Laurent in Montreal, QC. She was a podcast, launched a campaign against the culture of rape, and had several disciplinary talents

From the Kollèa Lionnel-Group in St. Teresa, QC. She is a mentor, a lifeguarer, and a group of Amnesty International, along with the organization of conferences and activities for the protection of human rights

From Cégeep Limilou in Quebec, QC.  She’s a secretary

From Cégep Garneau in Quebec, QC. She teaches Japanese, teaches French, helps immigrants integrate and help save the bees by raising awareness in a large manner

From Frederikton High School at Fredericton, NB. As a volunteer in her school lunch program, she’s highly qualified to spread hunger. It also plans fund-raising initiatives and plays a role in the school concert

Charles P. ‘ S High School. Allen in Bedford, NS. She works as a volunteer at a special Olympics and starts a program in his school for students with special needs

In Annapolis West, the Annapolis Royal, NS. He founded both a sports hall and an innovative laboratory and a poppy. He teaches workshops on robotics, and he is also the world champion in competitive robots

In Kensington, Senior Senior Senior in Kensington, PEI. It helps to educate others on inclusiveness and spirit in her school, and to become a member of the first women’s biking group that will represent PEs in the Canadian Games

From UWC Atlantic College in Wales, UK. She organized a march to raise awareness about the Rohingya crisis and volunteers in the nursing home. If that is not enough, it is also a founding member of the Feminist Club and the leader of the women’s women’s conference

From Mahindra College, India, India, India. It helps others to learn computer literacy and perform infrastructure tasks

Again, we would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to these future leaders! You can find all this information and a little more about the winners

Follow us, as we hope to establish contact with as many winners as possible for the series, which will help you learn more about them and how they arrived at this winning moment. Don’t lift your heads, my friends! You will also get great things if you do your job and leave your attitude to the case

* Views expressed in respect of the author, and not necessarily for the “Student life” or their partners

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