Search for the location of the best research

Are you looking for a quiet time? A smell of coffee to pick you up? A place to tell you the information you've been cramming for the past three hours

You need an amazing learning area, and finding one is not always easy. Thus, let' s reduce the interest in business and the areas of interest:

A traditional area to get a job. The library is great, because it can keep you in the way, surround yourself with students who also bowed their heads to their work. Some libraries even have learning rooms that are perfectly relevant to quiet spaces or groups, and are also available for registration

If you do not feel comfortable in your school library, check your local library. One nearby house has "QUIET ROOM", which is the key if you are trying to get at the last minute of learning, and the house is too distracting

Do you need ecology and a dry environment to be productive? Try working at the cafe. You may consider yourself a favorite drink or a snack to make it more pleasant. Background noise, such as frettage and soft music, can help you focus on what you've read. However, this does not apply to all. So, if you find yourself in the café too distracted, look at the new place!

Common rest area. Yes, the Bicist cafeteria can be chaotic, which can turn your session into a nightmare. But if you're going to do a review, when you wave the food between classes, it's the perfect place. It is also an ideal place for research groups to compare notes

Since the cafeteria is a colloquial area, you should feel comfortable working on topics that will be covered in the exam. You can even use it to share project ideas with other team members. Sometimes a place where you can talk is the best way to block the information you're studying

Some people prefer to study at home or in their own bedrooms. While learning in bed may lead to an unexpected name (this happens to the best of us), it can be a quiet space for you to focus on the information you have read, repeat the important sections out loud, not be a fool, and find comfort in a familiar environment, where food and water (and bathroom). readily available

This is a zero-time exploration of the "out-time", so use it responsibly

The sun has dried up and the heat is warm enough that it is time to return to the vitamin D without worrying about frostbite. Yes, it's spring/summer, which means you can find a place in a nearby park, mocking a surprisingly comfortable tree or campus, taking a few beams between classes

An open-air study could lead to a positive explosion. First, it is proven that unprotected sunlight increases the production of vitamin D, which can make us feel happy and allow us to do more work with more focused focus. Second, it's the perfect place to relax and focus, surrounded by nature. Third, it could be a light meeting place for your research team to collect and review notes together

You don't have to sit in the room to study!

It's my favorite. When I was at Western University, there was this place in the library (Weldon ... next to the stairs on the fourth floor). He had a great comfortable chair, and he had a face to the window. It was PERFECT. I'm just opening it now that I'm out of high school, hopefully some lucky Western Western is taking advantage. Not many people know he exists. I'd like to have coffee, take the stairs (I was just joking, I took the elevator) and get permission to study or read a whole thing or a job in a semi-closed position in the library. I didn' t have a distraction because my friends could never find me

Each campus has secret spots that are considered precious gems, especially during exams. Try hunting yourself!

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