How to enable kijiji in side hustle

I need money. No, I'm not asking you personally for a donation, I'm just trying to make a statement. I need money to pay for rent, Internet, food, gas, insurance, and all the other follies. I think the chances that you need money are pretty high. Going to school is expensive. Being alive is pretty expensive, especially in big cities. But I have good news: if you live in a big city area, you have a good way to earn extra money that you might not consider. A friend of mine called this method

When I was in high school, my friend worked part-time for a telemarketing company. He didn' t hate him, but he didn' t want to waste his time. He needed the money, but the income from this job was not sufficient to cover his basic expenses and his extra pleasure. I began to notice that he was calling more and more on the phone. I didn' t think about it at first. Then, one day, he told me that his "monthly income in Cigi" was greater than the salary he had earned from his "real" work

Before continuing this article and offering advice and techniques that I have gathered from my friend and network, I have to make two important clarifications: first, this article is not sponsored by Kihiji. Many tips will also apply to Craigslist, if not to other secondary markets. My friend just focused on Kijiji

Second, there are serious risks associated with this method of cash creation. The most significant risk is, perhaps, leaps and losses of investment. For example, if you buy a phone at a certain price point, expecting that it will be able to sell it even more, you may not be able to find someone who is willing to buy it for anything beyond what you have paid. You might even have to take a loss. Worse, if you're not careful when you buy this phone, it may be broken or otherwise worth less than you thought. You may lose some or all of your investment

It should be noted that the secondary market is not always safe. My friend is a huge, frightening dude with a relatively broad knowledge of two types of martial arts and fighting styles. Plus, he's always brought another guy with a similar build and experience to buy and sell meetings. He felt confident and never initialled at the time of interaction. But a big build and some chops wouldn't protect him from the gun. Be careful, guys!

Some of the main safety tips are also included in this article, but the basic idea here is that it is a risk-related task. Make sure you do everything you can to reduce this risk if you try to earn that kind of money. At least you should know that there are risks before you start getting out of the system and earning money

Okay, with that scary thing, let' s talk about how great it is! Seriously, my friend never had a gun, and he never robbed anyone. People in the secondary market were unaffected and not even injured. It is important to note that there is a risk that no one should read the article or depart from unprepared and harmful

However, "Hawke" Kijiji Side Hustle was a relatively safe and very profitable source of income for my friend, all through secondary school. I am going to build the necessary process for you and offer you tips on the way to this article with some general ideas, techniques and recommendations for safety

The most important part of Kijiji sales is knowledge of the market. My friend, before making any purchases or sales, will spend a lot of time looking at advertisements. The view was mainly searched for three specific bits of information:

  • What do people want?
  • How many other people usually sell these goods?
  • What is the most important thing that these elements can be worthy of?
  • Answers to these questions will allow him to earn money. For example, you can say that many people are looking for iPhone past generations, as the new model came out the previous month. He would have known from past experience that it was a market that would be reliable for at least a few weeks, maybe more

    Then, let' s say, he saw Kijiji for a particular iPhone model, where many people posted ads, and found that most sellers offer this model about $500. He would have accepted that number, or maybe a range of $450-$550, and compare it to the price of an unused old model sold on Amazon or something in that respect

    Let me tell you what's new, from a price box for this model-$650. Now he has a range for his work. This process is very similar to stock markets, or mainly any economic purchase and sales model: to buy low, sell high. Think of this side as a series of short-term investments

    He will be looking for people who are desperate to sell, seek fast money, or perhaps just not know a little about the actual value of the product they were offering. He would have bought things at the lowest end of the spectrum he could offer, and then offer them for sale at a higher level. In this example, the best option would be to find out who was really supposed to pay for rent and was willing to sell this iPhone model for $450 if someone picked it up that day and then bought it and placed an announcement for $550 a week when the market was not full

    After the gas money, it's still $80 or more in the profits. In short, supply and demand are at stake. If possible, buying goods when delivery is high and prices should be lower to compete, sell when demand is high and buyers are desperate

  • Look at the market. Look at what people want and how many of them are available
  • Examine the average purchase price and sales of various items
  • Find something that seems more valuable than the price the salesman is asking for
  • In advertising billboard, find signs of sketches or fakery
  • Reaction quickly so no one else can take the deal
  • Meet and buy
  • Measure the market and place the advertisement as soon as it appears wise
  • List the purchased product at the highest possible price, which you think someone will buy
  • It is more dangerous to sell the goods to the buyer
  • Obviously, it was easier said than done. In this step-by-step guide, the biggest problem is that it is not always easy to understand the market. For this reason, it is probably best to sell things that have values that most people accept and accept. Like the purchase of Xbox One for less than market value, it is probably a better investment than buying an old carpet that some guy promises to sell less than the market value

    If there is nothing remarkable about this old carpet, and you have studies that show that there is a market in the market, you may never be able to sell it at a higher price than your investment

    Another major problem with this idea is fraudsters. My friend had one negative experience, which I remember, as he told me, though it was quickly resolved. It could be a place where its size and physical trust have entered the game, but

    To make a long story short, he met someone in the parking lot, handed him the money, and they gave him a box that was supposed to contain some Bluetooth speakers. When he started to leave, he opened a box to check the contents. There were no Bluetooth columns in the field. He turned and yelled at the clerk, before he could get back to his car, and ran to them, saying that he wanted his money back. They gave him their money again, and they left

    Now I would not recommend that anyone take this particular action. As I said, if the other side had some kind of weapon, the situation could exacerbate the situation. I'm more focused on the concept of self-engine. This service is not ideal, and there are ways to play the system. Be careful when you're in the shop!

  • Hell without photos or very few photos. If someone doesn't want to prove that he has this element and it's in good shape, it's a big red flag
  • Hell with a very small writer. "Good contact immediately" is a much more riser than advertising, which indicates the quality of the product, the reason for its sale, the amount of use that was shown before the exhibition for sale, regardless of whether the seller wants to trade, etc. Real, ordinary people who want to sell something usually take the time to make people feel comfortable because they don't want to be seen as a con man. Lazy fraudsters act and write ads like a lazy crook
  • Everything that seems too good to be true. In the previous example, if these iPhone models are usually sold for $500, the advertising offering offering to sell one of the $150 is rather sketchy. At worst, it could be a robbery, or at least an attempt to sell you an empty box. At best, you're gonna blow up some guy who doesn't know what they're selling. It may be wise to avoid such declarations
  • Trust your intuya! Most of us know when something weird is going on. If their announcement or email is full of strange use of punctuation marks and offers, which do not make sense, if someone is afraid to do things in such a way that it helps to ensure safety if the advertisement requires some indirect transfer of money instead of direct trade, or especially if someone wants money in advance (NEVER is NOT), or if people usually "behave", then it is likely to be better to move on
  • Kijiji offers extensive guidance on prevention of various types of online fraud. I've covered a lot of what they've mentioned, but just in case, you probably should

    The most important thing for everyone

    In discussing the security issues, I will complete some tips and recommendations on how to place your own ads. First, do the opposite of any red flag I mentioned above

    All information about visual elements

    You don't have to write an epic story, but spend some time trying to personalize the advertising and the confidence that you give you the detailed information that customers would like to receive. Be friendly and informative and many photos. Your goal is to make sure that no one thinks you have something to hide when they're looking at your ad. You can put a photo of the recently purchased iPhone screen to show that it has not cracked, but it does not post the image of the back of the phone

    Of course, you know that the phone on the phone is perfect, but how do the customers find out about it? Without a photo from all sides, someone might think you're trying to cover up the flaw. Photos should be as high as possible, well lit, and they can be useful for them to be in places that look like a liv-in compared to something that looks like a picture from the Internet

    Please specify a location

    There is no reason why you have not reached the maximum posting. Most cities have sections for Craigslist and Kijiji, and these days you can also find groups in social networks for buying and selling

    Optimize your title

    Make sure that all your messages have a good name! When viewing users, they generally simply see the banner title and the first image. Make the first picture of the best. As to the name, you want to describe this element and use at least one positive adjective. Compare these two names: "iPhone for sale" or "Undamaged, light, light-32gen 6thGen iPhone". The superior title is obvious and will almost certainly get more results

    Final contact information

    Depending on the element you want to use, you can discuss whether you want to deliver. Are you suggesting that you meet someone where you are comfortable, or offer you to meet with others, where they find comfort? Both options have positive and negative sides. Let me tell you, you bought a couch, and it was hard for him to get home. In this case, you should mention in an ad that you want someone to take it and possibly have listed an extra charge for delivery if you think it will cost your time and energy

    You should also indicate whether you agree that you will trade in the way you can get more answers if you seem to have died in the price or are ready to trade. Of course, opening yourself to bargain can mean a reduction in your profits. You'll have to weigh the costs and benefits of this yourself. You can find more useful tips and recommendations to improve the efficiency of advertising

    The last advice I have has to be at the ball. Much of this process is market knowledge. You will not be able to accept changes in the market and act on them, if you do not pay attention to them. Pricing for what's been worth two months ago, when you last checked, might mean you're not selling it. This may mean that you are one of those people who buy from others and then profit from their knowledge of the current supply and demand

    You should be the most knowledgeable and the fastest if you want the money to do it. In the secondary market you can earn a lot of money, with difficulty and with a little luck. However, this is likely to be insufficient for the primary source of income, and it will never be a stable source of income. My friend had months in which his income was bigger than his work, but he also had months when he had a lot less money, and sometimes even lost money. There are no guarantees for this method

    Hustel Kijiji Side Hustle is like a modern life. There are more opportunities than ever, but also more risks and less stability in specific areas. However, there is money here. Kiiji (Kijiji) studied Canadians, and although there is obvious bias, their results seem reasonable given my experience as a student who has often been involved in secondary markets and has known many others who usually do so. This study is being summed up

    * Views expressed in respect of the author, and not necessarily for the "Student life" or their partners

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