The side hustle: the launch of the podcast

On this day and at age, it is not uncommon to want more than just a typical task 9-5 or the same routine in school every day. For Millennials and generations, we usually use a few

I've always been someone who's been movin ' a lot more than going to my 9-5-5 times a day. I'm a creative, entrepreneurial, and I need an outlet that you don't often get to work for someone else. That's why, when my two friends, Asal and Carly, and I came in with the idea of starting a podcast, I'm not even shy. I'm asking Google, "How do you launch the podcast?" and jumped for the first time to make it happen

Raped on January 9, 2019, and just a few short months from the moment it was just an idea, we officially launched it

However, as in any other side, it has a lot of hard work and dedication. This is not the night, even though we sometimes wish it was possible. Here are some answers to some of the biggest questions about the launch of the podcast. And, of course, a little bit about what the hell is going on

SomebodyDate Us is a podcast initiated by three girls in their last 20 lives in Toronto, Canada. We say anything about dates and singles in the city, including, but not limited to: general trends in dating, our funny, romantic and catastrophic stories, online dates, sex and relationships

All three of us are alone. We are in our late 20s, we have very few people in our friendly circles who can tie them up. After we constantly count each other or push too many glasses of wine on our campuses, we thought our banner would make a great podcast

We don't know many people who are our age and the same. However, we know for sure that there is a thin resemblance to you, just like us, who feel they have no connection. We wanted to create this podcast to serve as a community. It's a show for the other singles and the guys who go through the same highs and at the same time as we are. Being single and dating can feel lonely, so we'd like people to feel less alone in this

It's amazing how little you really need when you run a podcast. You can do it without spending too much money. All you need is a microphone

Of course, you will also have to learn how to edit podcasts. Fortunately, there are training materials on YouTube for this. We were lucky, because Carly knew the guy from the job who produced and raked him on the side. He was ready to show us all the changes. Turns out he actually ended up on the show. He's still on his way, and the fourth is going to lie until he gets sick

Plus, you're gonna need a name for the podcast (make sure you don't have it) and some kind of niche. Just as there is something noiseless about anything and about something to really attract the attention of your audience, you want to assign your podcast to some kind of theme

Finally, you will

Yes, apart from the ones mentioned above, like the microphone and hosting, all other expenses are not needed. We hired a photographer to take pictures of us all together so we could have professional photographs for marketing purposes. Then we went to a real record studio with a music producer to record our introductory song, which is reproduced at the beginning of every episode (P.S. This is our co-organizer, Carly. We also worked with graphic designer for our logo. In addition, when we begin to accept guests in our podcast, we intend to rent space in a shared workspace. Our current setting is located on the floor of my tiny apartment in Toronto

The good news was that we had people in our friendly circle that helped us with all these things, so that there was no money. It also helped that we had three people in this podcast, so when we had to develop the money, we shared it in three ways

We started to create a bug about our podcast a month before we started, because we wanted to make sure we had some public (even if it was just our friends and family). As long as we've created this banger, we've already recorded about four episodes before launch. We wanted to be a few episodes, so we don't panic every week to get information on time. When we were closer to the launch, we had our social network channels built, and our branding is complete, we've applied for all the major platforms of suspension. By the way, getting a list on Apple Podcasts and Spotify can be easier than you think

I think all this podcast is a learning curve. None of us had the slightest idea of ever starting or launching a podcast. This requires a lot of googling and a desire to learn to understand all of this

As you know, going into business with friends sounds like the best and worst idea, wrapped in one. However, we were not close when we started this podcast. I introduced Carly and Asal to each other. Perhaps they only met two or three times before we decided to do this wicket. After that, Carly and I were only friends last year. Obviously, we are closer to this project, but I think we were not and would not have been inseparable

In addition, all three of us can bring something else to the table. We all have very different personalities, strengths and weaknesses. But all we have in common is that none of us is afraid to talk. To give each other feedback is not a problem for us. " We are all together, and we all want it to be successful. We will do this, and this podcast is better

We went to this project in full, expecting only our friends and family to listen. We wanted to create this podcast for our listeners and other singles, but we mostly wanted to do it ourselves. It also helps all of us to work full time and is not going to make a profit from this podcast

When you ran something like that, don't focus on the number. If you focus on creating good content and reconciling it with this, it is the most important thing that can (hopefully) lead to success

A podcast or any creative project is a tonne, but it can be extremely useful. It can give you that creative outlet you're passionate about in your life. We are so happy to see where this project is going, and I am sure that there will be many curves and roadblocks

You can listen to someone on any of your favorite podcast platforms. Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Pocket Cast, and Stitcher. You can also follow our ridiculous exit and a lot more

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